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In recent years, a gap in the market has widened between two categories of electric basses. On one hand, you have the familiar standards of the large, corporate manufacturers. On the other are the costly high-end basses produced by smaller emerging companies. The void between the two has limited the options of players looking for a quality bass, not of the garden variety.

While names like Fender, Gibson, and Music Man have built strong reputations over many years, their niche in the market leaves little room for innovation. Also, a "bottom-line" mentality along with mass production has allowed the quality of their instruments to suffer. If you're looking for a bass in this price range, you may have to live with a few defects.

If you're looking for a bass of higher caliber however, be prepared to pay top dollar. The smaller U.S. manufacturers who are delivering consistent quality start their prices in the thousands. For many, this is far too expensive for a glorified Fender knock-off. We believe the market is greatly under served in this regard.

 At GR Basses, our mission is to create the finest basses available anywhere. Proudly made in the U.S.A., each instrument is crafted by skilled luthiers with a common vision. We make serious basses for serious players who demand legendary tone and playability. Our basses incorporate innovative designs with vintage style, all at reasonable prices. That’s we are known as "The New Old School".

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